Parts of a Fishing Rod

Parts of a Fishing Rod!

This write up is targeted at those who are new to angling, on this page we talk about the fishing rod. Before we start let’s look at the parts of a rod, so that we can reference to it later. It's also important for a new angler to know what are the parts of the rod so that you can communicate with someone else or the tackle shop keeper and both party can have a common understanding,.We start at the top where the rod tip is, there is a guide there that frequently need replacement. You can refer to that guide as the rod tip or the rod tip guide and most people will understand what you 're referring to. Next comes the blank, the blank is the core of the rod. It's the main body that makes the rod and everything else is secure to it to make a complete rod. The blank can be solid or hollow, and made of different material. Along the blanks there are guides, these are rings that guide the fishing line from the reel out through the rod tip. The guides has leg(s) and is secure to the blank using threads and the thread is coated over with epoxy to protect it. The handle are where you're suppose to hold the rod comfortably when fishing, the handles wraps the blank and are usually made of cork or a foam like material call eva foam. To secure your reel to the rod you'll need a reel seat, there are a few type of reel seats and they are generally differentiate by the material and the method it employ to secure the reel to the rod. At the other end of the rod is the rod butt, it usually a cap that protect the end of the rod as it's usually the place that contacts the ground most often. It can be rubber or metal and for heavy rod, the butt cap may comes with grove so that you can fit into a fighting belt, for tackling big fishes.

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