Permas Jaya Tackle Shops

Tackle Shops in Permas Jaya

This is Fishingline @ Permas Jaya. It's located at 10/5 Jalan Permas. If you look at a map, search for Jalan Pantai and Jalan Permas Utara in Permas Jaya itself. Where these two road intersect, 10/5 Jalan Permas lies in the North West quadrant. You should be able to spot the road easily from a map.

A huge shop front and giant banners ensures that you wouldn't miss it if you are on the right road. 10/5 Jalan Permas lies east to west, the shop is near the end of the eastern end of the road.
The shop front itself do look very interesting.
So far this is one of the most well stocked tackle shop that I have seen of. They really do carry a lot of stuff and as far as I know they are one of the more established chain here in Malaysia. Some things are cheaper when compare to Singapore other not (some are more expensive to my surprise). But you can't beat the amount different models and variety of stuff they carry.
Even electric motors!
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