Safety Notes

I've seen many anglers, especially newer ones keeping their hooks and rigs for re-use after a fishing trip. Personally I wouldn't recommend that be done unless it's one of those bigger, stainless steels hooks for big game that are meant for re-use. Or treble hooks design for use on a lure and made of material developed for multiple used. Otherwise, I would advise that angler dispose of their hooks and rig "safely and in the proper disposal bin" after every trip.

Most of the hooks we commonly use will rust after a round of use in the sea. And having traces of baits and being placed on the floor or deck, and then being kept back in a box or plastic bag for days or month before the next trip, the possibility of the hook rusting and hosting the bacterium that causes Tetanus is there. As angler, we have all been poke by fishing hooks at one time or another, some time it just a prickle but on a bad day it could get rather serious. If you are on a live on board trip or at a remote location where medical help is not near, you wouldn’t want to have the addition worry of catch Tetanus when you have a hook through you.

Other than your personal safety, a hook that has rusted will be blunt and brittle (at the tip) and it will be very much less effective after that. I found that on trip that lasted more than couple of days, my sibiki jigging hook use for catching bait fish will start to be less effective only after a day of exposure to salt water.