Welcome to angler's haunt, a site for anglers and anglers to be. This site was build with the intention of sharing fishing and fishing related information. I have been fishing for more than 35 years and still loves it as much as the day I started. Through the years I have learnt much about this wonderful hobby and I am attempting to document down as much as I can so that these information can be shared with all. There is still a lot out there to be learn and this old dog is still picking up new tricks on every fishing trip. Anyway, I have designed this site for easy access and hopefully fast loading, for those who are burden with a slow internet access. This will be a simple site, without much bells and whistle but hopefully with enough information to keep you coming back.

This site is from Singapore therefore much of the content within the site would be heavy with local and South East Asia references, and maybe even some local slang. But I am sure there will be content within that are similar where ever there are anglers.

I am currently still in the process of building up the sites and therefore many of the navigation option may not be activated, do bear with me. Thank You.

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