In this section we'll highlight some locations that are suitable for fishing. To be honest, you can actually fish from anywhere that faces the sea or any large body of water, but these location highlighted will be places that are easily accessible or are locations that we have found to be interesting and worth a mention. Most of the location covered will be local  (Singapore) or in Malaysia, but we’ll try to mention further locations as the opportunity arrive.
Fishing is an activity that involves being near water and that inherently means that it's an activity not without its risks involved. As anglers it our own responsibility to ensure that we do not take unnecessary risk with ourselves and with the people or family we bring along with us on our trips. Inculcate good situation awareness when fishing, always note changes in weather (eg. Take proper cover when there is a thunderstorm), changes in sea state (eg. When boat fishing or travelling on a boat) and movement of tides (eg. for those who fishes on sand bank or rock flats).  Always remember that “No fish is ever worth risking your life for."
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