Bestway Fishfarm

This fish farm cum restaurant is located at Sg. Belungkor, very near the Sg. Belungkor Ferry Terminal which is on the east mouth of the Johore river. This place offer food and lodging, and of course fishing opportunity. We took a ferry from the Changi Ferry Terminal (note that it not the Changi Point Ferry Terminal nor the Tenah Merah Ferry Terminal). The ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal will bring you to Sg. Belungkor Ferry Terminal. From there the farm will pick you up in a van and transfer you to a boat along the river which will send you to the farm. The journey on the van should take 5 mins at most and the boat ride will be about 10 mins.
Above is the last known rate I got when I was there in 2010. Contact as is listed.
There is a lot of space on board for fishing. This is a good place for a family outing too. It has proper toilets, running water from taps and proper dinning facility. Most of the sides are fenced and the place was pretty well maintained.
As this is a fish farm you could also ask to purchase the fishes that they culture. The picture on the left show trevallies and snappers swimming in their net cage.

On the left is a picture of the restaurant and the lodging area (the structure at the front).. The lodging area is on the right side of the structure from the direction we're seeing, and facing the mangrove area.

Below are two images of the dining area. It’s pretty big and can accommodate a number of people. Even had a foosball table when I went.

The above pictures show the mangrove swamp to the side and the back of the farm. This looks like prime KBL and mangrove jacks territory. As you can see, there will be mosquitoes in the night if there isn't a breeze to keep them at bay.

Fishes known to be around are Snapper like the Finger Mark, Mangrove Jacks and others (escapees from the farms around probably), KBL, Grunters, Catfish, Sting Ray, Groupers, Scats, Rabbit Fish, Toad Fish, Tamban (small herring), etc.
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