Changi Boardwalk

Another nice place to fish is along the Changi Boardwalk, especially the Kelong Walk section. You can get to the Changi Boardwalk - Kelong Walk (CBW/KW) section via Cranwell Road. If you're driving, you should turn into Cranwell Road (where the commando camp is) from Loyang Avenue. Follow the sign that says "Changi Beach Club" and the entrance to the board walk is just beside the entrance of Changi Beach Club as shown in the picture above. Alternatively you can walk along the coast from Changi Village.
The main section of the Kelong Walk is a jetty that forms a loop across the beach front of the Changi beach Club and it stretches for about 150 to 200 meters across the water as seen in the video above. The path from the entrance to the KW is through a boardwalk surrounded by greens and its lighted at night.
There are 3 shelters along the kelong walk section, where you can hide if it rains. The only negative point about fishing at this location is that there isn't any toilet facilities nearby. Even though the Changi Beach Club is just behind, it seems that the management has decided that the general public is not welcome in its establishment. Unless you specify that you're there as a member or patron of their F&B outlets, the guards at their entrance will, in most cases stop you from entering.
Image of the "beautiful" private beach club.

This jetty is not too far out from shore, so most anglers here tends to use longer rods to cast their rig out into deeper water. You can use either live or dead baits here. You can also use the worms that the tackle shop sells over at Changi Village. That said, there is also fishes to be caught among the base of the jetty so bring along some short rods and handline, to tackle those fishes that plays in the shallower water.

During a good tide, you will also see people catching crabs with traps.

The place is rather clean, I hope that's because anglers there take care of the place rather then the cleaners that clear and clean the place everyday. At this moment as I am writing this, there are some renovation works going on. I know that you can't see much sign of "Kelong" in most of the pictures that I have put up, that's because the kelong stilts that were originally here (and surround most of this structure) have rotted off and collapsed. So I believe the renovation work in process is to replace those. Anyway, that's left to be seen.
Further on after the kelong walk section is the Sunset Walk section, it's start from the white shelter you see in the image on the left and cover the stretch with the brown railing you see in the image above.
You can fish anywhere along the whole stretch, but most anglers will park themselves at the end of the boardwalk right beside the huge rocks. Anyway, there are 2 chairs there so that might be the reason :). But I do know of some people who swear by this location. It's a bit rocky and your rig is prone to being entangled in the rocks below. Anyway, back to kelong walk.!
The fishes you can get here are the same you'll find all along Changi, except that this is also a good place for eging. How will you know where to lure for the squids? Look out for ink splashes. How to get here? You can drive but there is no proper parking, so people park along Cranwell and Andover road. For bus service, there are no. 2, 9, 19, 29, 59, 89 and 109. Drop at the bus stop for commando camp or outside Changi Airbase entrance. Alternatively you can walk from Changi Village.

The kelong walk is just a part of the CBW, the following images covers the rest of the places along the CBW that you can fish from.

The rock formation you see in the image on the left is a favorite spot for lure anglers. And further down the stretch where there is a small beach, you'll find anglers with surf casters.

The spot shown in the image above is behind the Aloha Changi bungalows, this place is a little more dangerous to fish from and care should be taken when hopping around the rocks. I have seen people luring and pole fishing on these rocks.
This is the stretch of beach behind the SAF Changi Seaview Resort. If you fish here, do look out for swimmers and children especially during weekends. I believed I saw some " no swimming" signs around.
And lastly two image of the shelter nearest to Changi Village. Do note that during weekends and especially if there is a high tide, the places listed above could get pretty crowded.
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