Elly Kelong Bintan

Elly's Kelong is one of the 3 land based kelong on the north east coast of Bintang Island (Indonesia). Its own and manage by an Indonesian Chinese (Teochew) family, together with their staff. You can take a ferry from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to the Tanjung Pinang Terminal on Bintan. The Ferry takes about 1 hours 45mins to about 2 hours each way depending on the sea state. From the TP Ferry Terminal its about another 40mins of travel on land to the Kelong. The land transport can be pre-arrange with the kelong owner or on your own if you have contacts on the island.
The entrance to the kelong has a very unassuming, you could easily missed it if you are looking for the place on your own. The corridor down the little yellow entrance is the way to the kelong (under the PANTAI TRIKORA sign). Proceed down a dark walkway and you will be on stilt platform in no time.
The walkway from the entrance to the kelong proper is about 100~150m from the main road. Along the way you would pass by the restaurant where you will have all your meals.
The "kelong" is land based, unlike most of the kelong I have written about. If I were to be more precise I would rather not call this place a kelong, there is nothing here that is even remotely close to a traditional kelong other then the stilts and that it's on the sea. It basically an rectangular enclosure secured by stilts and nets, I would estimate the enclosed area to be the size of a soccer field or maybe 2. Along the two sides of this enclosure are concrete platforms on concrete piles. On top of this platforms are the rental rooms, each with their own air-conditioning units. Yeah you heard me right, each with their air-conditioning units.
In the enclosure the owner have released some fishes. I saw Snappers, Parrots, Rays, Sweetlips, some Trevally, huge KBL, Groupers and I believe someone saw a large nurse shark. If you're not into fishing there is a Karaoke Room, Pool table (not sure if the balls are all there, and mahjong tables.) Fishing is SGD $40 per rod within the enclosure. Place is clean and relatively decently maintained.
Room are SGD $30 or $40 depending on size, I notice some comes with TV while others not. The room is clean, the bed is okay but having the air-condition on, on a roasting noon day is fantastic. On all the kelong accommodation I have come across so far, this is the best I've encountered. There is a "sitting" toilet bowl, a sink and a shower head in the toilet. What else can you ask for on a fishing trip? :)
The images above shows the views surrounding the Elly's resort. It's really a nice place to relax and slow down. I'll let the pictures do the talking. But I just want to let you know that in the picture immediately above, in the distance is Ocean Bay, a resort much like Elly's. It's newer but cater more to the "sea sports activity" crowd. If it fishing you're looking for, Elly's still the one to be. ( I will put up some pictures of Ocean Bay on another section later.......)
Some images of the resturant, the food is cheap and relatively good. But do check the price before you order you don't want to get any surprises. They serve seafood (live carb is available) and the normal stuff like fried rice. They carry soft drinks, mineral water, beer and coconut. There is a provision stall just outside the entrance of the resort if you need anything else. ( And for my Magnum Ice Cream Kakis its only 12,000 rupiah at the provision shop :D ). The resturant close at 8pm and I didn't knew that before, so i had to miss dinner on the night of my stay. Luckily the "kelong" sell Cup Noodle and Hot Coffee, that save the day.
Looks like they have kayaks rentals too but I was too busy with fishing to bother asking.
Things you typically sees on a kelong.
These are some of the pets of the owner. Two baby Kite, one of the many angels in the enclosure. A huge grouper in another separate pen where all the biggies are home together.
These are some of the fishes caught on my last trip. It happened that this one of those "better day", the catch is better then what we would have expected. From the general review I have read of this place, if you could land a couple of decent ones, it would be considered a good day. The resort do provide gutting and de-scaling service.
A shot of the customer service counter, I think this nice gentleman is the son of the owner. Incidentally I think the name Elly is the name of the wife, the owner should be Ah Hiong or something like that, maybe if you know better do send me an e-mail and I'll update it here. Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading.
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