Penyabong Jetty


1. Depart Singapore from the Woodlands Checkpoint

2. (New * - With the construction of the Johor Bahru Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway, it's faster to hop on the EDL (E14) once you clear the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex. Otherwise you could follow the orignal instruction to joint Highway 3 on exit of the Immigration Complex ). Clear the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex. The exit ramp swing left on exit, follow the road and kept left past the petrol kiosk. Keep to the left side of the road, as you do not want to go on the 2 right most lanes that lead you up the bridge. The left most lane bring you beside the overhead ramp, and at the bottom near the road junction you need to turn right under the bridge to take highway 3 toward Kota Tinggi/ Mersing / Kuantan and you're now on highway 3.

3. If you're on the EDL you need to exit 1404B near Pandang to joint Highway Highway 3 (Towards Kota Tinggi/ Mersing / Kuantan ). Otherwise continue along Highway 3 towards Mersing.

4. Drive pass the first Kota Tinggi exit. At this point, if you look at the map Highway 3 splits into 2 road, the one that enters Kota Tinggi is commonly refer to as the "old highway". (If you want to have a break at Kota Tinggi, you can use this road to get into town.)

5. Drive pass the second Kota Tinggi exit. At this point if you look at the map, to turn right is Highway 92, that is the road to Desaru, Sg. Rengit town and Pengeran. Turning left will bring you into the Kota Tinggi. Proceed forward about 500m and the old road and new Highway will merge back.

6. This is for anglers who are interested in buying live prawns, about 400 to 500meters after the merge, there is a blue zinc building by the left side of the road that sell live prawns. You need to pre-arrange for the live prawns if you're buying, the number to contact is painted on the building. If you're not interested just drive on ahead.

7. Drive pass the Sedili exit which is on the right side of the highway. (Highway J172 - can reach Tanjung Leman but a longer way)

8. Along the way there are milestone markers, it'll count down towards KUANTAN. From here onwards we'll use this milestones to guide the way. FYI, at the milemarker "KUANTAN 275", there is a famous Bah Kut Teh stall that is a hit with many heading to Tg. Leman and Mersing. Its on the right side of the road pass the mile marker. If that doesn't interest you just drive right through.

9. When the markers count down to "KUANTAN 240" the RIGHT turn at the next junction which is about 10 meters after the marker will bring you to Tanjong Leman. Since we're heading to Mersing we should continue on Highway 3.

10. It's pretty striaght drive after this, just follow the road. The only other major junction is the junction where Jalan Mersing and Jalan Jemaluang meets. Just turn right and continue to follow Highway 3 towards Mersing..

11. Continue down the road till you reaches a little round about in the center of town. This is the center of Mersing Town. You can take a break here as there are many small resturants (chinese/malay and fast food), turn off to Jalan Abu Bakar from the round about and search around. You should see some eateries from Google Map around this area.

12. After you're done with Mersing, return to the round about an head along Highway 3 towards Kuantan. From here onwards start observing the mile markers besides the road. There are 2 turn off (right turn from your direction towards Kuantan).

13.The first turn off is after you've pass the mile marker that reads "KUANTAN 181", the juction to turn is about 150m to 200m after the mile marker. You should see a huge antenna tower on the right side of the road before you hit the junction. If you decide to use this road turn right here (personnally I prefer this route as it's more scenic). The other junction will be after the mile marker that reads "KUANTAN 166". Same thing, turn right at the junction.

14. If you turn after "KUANTAN 181", head for Tanjung Resang then Penyabong J183 follow the road signs. Along J183 or Jalan Penyabong you'll come to a "T" Juntion with no direction to Penyabong. That's because you're already in Kumpong Penyabong, what you want to find now is the Penyabong Jetty, follow the sign that says "Jeti LKIM". Basically you'll turn right at this junction.

If you turn after the "KUANTAN 166" junction, you will continue and hit another "T" junction. There will be a sign that points Left to ENDAU and Right to PENYABUNG. Turn RIGHT and follow the road J183 all the way to the Jetty.

15. Drive to the end of the road (before it turn right near the seaside) where there is a village with cluster of houses near the seaside and that where the jetty is. Turn left into the village and the main parking area. Do not follow the road and turn right all the way, currently there is nothing there but some constructions. The pictures below are taken at the "carpark" near the Jetty.

16. There is a gentleman there who will collect RM$5 for each night you park there. This guy is the suppose carpark attendant of this place. And you are also suppose to pay a jetty fee, to a guy who will collect fromm you at the end of the jetty.

Note :Do refer to google map as reference, when using these instructions. Highway 3 unlike the NS Highway, consist of town road and single carriageway with one lane for each direction, the condtion of the road can get very bad with pot holes after period of heavy downpour. The area of Highway 3 around Kota Tinggi is prone to serious flooding during the monsoon period in December. This stretch of highway can be dangerous, espacially when it wet or at night, do drive carefully.

Above left, this sign board is on the right side of the road if you're driving toward the direction of Mersing. Attached is the name card I got from the vendor when I drop by for breakfast on one of my trip, they are open from the morning till about 1pm. They're close one day a week, do call them to check if you're heading there to avoid disappointment.
Image of the road you'll come from to the Jetty.
When you turn left into the village and road a short distant to the end, this is what you will see.
Image of Kopi Shop and parking.
Image of houses beside the road.
More Image of houses beside the road.
Image of the carpark during peak period.
Image of the ice house and fish storage. Behind this building is the Jetty (used to unload fishes to this fish storage) where we board the boat to Ache or Ah Fatt.
Image of Jetty from shore.
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