The Ponggol Jetty is situated at the end of Punggol Road. The area around Ponggol end (where the old Choon Seng restaurant was, for those who are old enough to remember) has been rebuilt and the whole stretch of the waterfront has been renamed to "Punggol Promenade". This promenade stretches from the left of the jetty all the way to Ponggol Marina and to the right of the jetty, all the way to the dam connecting to Conney Island to the main land.
The beach to the left of the jetty. This walkway will lead to Ponggol Marina. If you walk along the track to the end of the visible part of the beach in the image, you will reach a stretch of the promenade that immediately faces the sea, you can fish from there too if you don't want step onto the sand.
Immediately on the right of the jetty is also a stretch of beach just like the left side. There are people who fishes from this stretch of the beach but they do so usually at night, as you can see that there is not much shade available. Below is an image of a gentleman fish under the only tree along this stretch of beach.
Further along to the left of the jetty the walkway or boardwalk will start angle towards the water and at some point it will meet the water. This is the area where you can start seeing people fishing along the boardwalk and this place could get pretty crowded dueing weekends and espcially at night.

In the image above you can see a floating fish farm just outside the shore and behind that, you can see Palau Ubin across the channel.

In the image to the left you can see a person catching crabs with traps.

On the top left the island you see across is Conney Island and the image directly on top show the dam that links the island to the main land. You can fish along these stretch up to the dam.

The image below shows the police post and where you can get some shelter in case it rains.

The fishes that you can catch here are snappers (finger mark, red snapper, mangrove jack,), KBL-barramudi, sickle fish, catfish, grouper, gelamas, rays, pompano, grunter, scat, rabbit fish, etc. At night there is also squid and cuttlefish to be caught too.


Access to this location is not too bad, you could drive and there is a unpave carpark within walking distance. And there is bus service 84 from the Ponggol Bus Terminal where the Ponggol MRT station is, all the way to Ponggol end. About a 10 minutes ride.
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