Ah FATT Kelong Acheh

After the eviction of all the kelongs around P. Sibu in 2013, Ah Fatt Kelong is only kelong I know that have reestablished themselves. They bought over this kelong, one of two which are nested beside Pulau Aceh near Penyabong Johor. Since then they have done some major remodeling and renovations, the results is what you see today. As i understand at the time of writing this, there is still renovation work going on to add additional fishing platform. Like the old kelong this Kelong is run by a team of Chinese Malaysian crew, they can communicate in Malay, Chinese, Hokkien and simple English. Same as before to book a place, you'll need to pre-arrange with the kelong that you're coming onboard so that they can prepare your food and make sure that the ferry service pick you up at the Jetty. The kelong will also let you know the timing of the ferry at Penyabong jetty. For info on driving to Penyabong from Singapore read this.
If you follow the instruction given above, you should be able to drive down J182 towards the sea and see the building in the image above. Behind that building is the start of the jetty. You will park around the area in front of this building (shown below) or where ever you're instructed to park. If you're at the right place someone will come towards your car and give you instructions. For a little fee to ensure your car is safe too ..... of course.

The next few images show the jetty from different angle, and if you arrive on time as instructed someone (like the guy in red) will be at the end of the jetty asking your name/group and the kelong you're going to. Remember that the ferries here goes to different kelong, so make sure you tell them the right one. Incidentally you will need to pay a jetty fee to someone in a room at the end of the jetty. I can't remember but I think it's $2 or $4 RM per head so get some loose notes ready.

The distance of the kelong from the jetty is not very far, probably 4 or 5km at most, and the journey is through well sheltered water. Along the way you will pass Acheh Kelong as seen in the image below. The journey will take 5 to 15 mins depending if you're on one of the wooden ferry or the speed boat.

The next image shows Ah Fatt's new kelong as you approached it. The red roof structure in the image below are the sleeping quarters, dinning area and their little office. Their main fishing platform is in a shape of a triangle. The tip being the little hut on the left of the image and the base being the red and brown roof structure. The two sides of the triangle would be facing north and south, the south side being the one we're currently looking in the image below.

The image below shows Ah Fatt kelong from the north side. Note the buoys in the sea. Those are FAD (Fish Attracting Device) set up by the kelong to attract fishes. So if you are fishing from this side, you can't cast too far out in case you hook onto these devices. The next two image below is the place where the boat can park and we can board the kelong, the other landing is on the south side in the previous image. The little shed on the right to gather with the structure form the base of the fishing platform I mentioned earlier.

The next few images shows the fishing platform. First the southern side.

The northern side where the FAD are.

The tip of the triangle, which incidentally is the furthest point of the whole kelong from the island, so in theory should be the deepest part of the structure. This area is always hotly contested and sometimes if there are inconsiderate people around, can leads to problems.

And lastly the based of the triangle where I like to fish after noon because it provides shade from the afternoon sun :).

And if that's still not clear, here a video taken with me standing in the centre of the northern side platform. Do note that the clarity of the video depends the availability of the bandwidth of your internet connection.

Fishing can also be done in most area around the main structure as shown in the image below. This location is just beside the main sleeping quarter. There is also a platform at the rear facing the island.

The sleeping quarter's "pattern" is the same as the old kelong, if you've been there. Everyone sleep in a row with mattresses side by side on a double decker bunk bed. Each person is provided a pillow and a blanket which I never use. The best part of Ah Fatt kelong are the fans he provides, this can be heaven sent if the weather is warm and the air is very still. He still provide power 24/7 so you can bring your electrical bait pumps ( but do bring battery powered ones too in case the situation have change since I was last there).

The service and food in Ah Fatt kelong is comparable to pass. They now provides WIFI connections but the number of people connecting to their router is limited, so once you're hook on don't release it :D!!! Showering is still the same old bucket system, and the toilets are still as environmental friendly.! The immediate picture below is the dinning area. The next is their little office and the rods you can rent in the subsequent image. Last but not least, the most important place on the whole kelong, the bathrooms cum toilets. Incidentally behind the bathroom/toilets in the last image is the fishing platform that is facing the island which I mentioned earlier.
Sad to say when I was there, the catch wasn't that great. We were told that it was the fishes off day ;( (June). We didn't manage to catch much bait fish, only a few Kunning. The small yellow snappers and emperors are still around, together with the pesky Sargent major, chromis, damsel and yellow tails. I manage to land a decent grouper (800~900g), the only thing worth mentioning for this trip. Got a couple of tiny squid on lure. I did see other's landing one or two decent size Cheming, Guhoot, and Mengnang. Hope my next trip is better.
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